Windsor Palms Resort Technology Upgrades

Last year, our company had the pleasure of working closely with Windsor Palms Resort on a project to provide all 10 condominium buildings with wifi access for condominium owners and their guests.  Upon meeting with management and listening to the requests from condominium owners and management alike, we went straight to the drawing board and designed a network that would not only provide access to EACH INDIVIDUAL BUILDING, but would provide personal, secure, and individualized access to EACH INDIVIDUAL UNIT - all  300 units. Upon completion of the condominium project, we began looking at the bigger picture and found areas that we would be able to assist Windsor Palms with improving the technology they use for their daily running of the resort and the technology that is provided to owners and their guests. 

Condominium Units

We began with providing wi-fi access to all condominium owners and their guests. Each individual unit has their own access point installed that provides full coverage throughout the unit at much higher speeds than traditional cable companies that were previously providing internet at much higher costs. Our design includes Fiber Optic Internet provided by Summit that has been brought into each building, allowing for faster connections, faster speeds, and more reliable service. 

As network engineers, there were several things we needed to ensure when designing a large scale network such as this: Security and Manageability. With security being the #1 concern, providing the "building" with wi-fi was not enough. We needed to make sure that information was not being made available to surrounding neighbors, which is why we provided each unit with the following:

  • Individual access point owned by the condominium owner
  • Individual SSID
  • Individual Password
  • Individual private network for each unit

Manageability is also important, as we wanted to ensure minimal downtime and full ability to manage any concerns from remote. Our design includes the capability to monitor the network for any problems, address these issues from remote when possible, perform upgrades from remote, change SSID's and Passwords from remote, and perform any troubleshooting and/or resetting of the entire network or just one individual access point. 

For homeowners needing customized work, we have been able to provide customized network solutions as well. For owners needing an alternative to Century Link, we have provided a fully wireless and inexpensive solution through Ooma. Also, for owners needing wired connections for video cameras, automated locks, thermostats, etc. we have provided a switch that allows for the necessary wired connections without any loss of functionality. Our goal has been to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their new service and has the functionality that they need in their home. 

Clubhouse, Pool Area, and Management Offices

Upon completion of the condominium project, we worked with management and proposed ideas to improve the network. Being that Summit already brought fiber to the resort, making use of the existing fiber was a great benefit to the clubhouse, pool area, and management offices. We designed both a wired and wireless network to improve speeds and reliability for management and guests at the resort when they are in these areas. Not only did we improve on the network but we upgraded the hardware in systems that are essential to the daily functions of resort staff and their ability to attend to guest faster and more efficiently. 

  • Wired management office and point of sale systems
  • Wired theatre for streaming devices
  • Wired network shared printers
  • Wireless printing capabilities for guests
  • Wireless access points for management, employees, and guests

Guest Wi-Fi Hot Spot/Captive Portal

Guest hot spot has been greatly improved with many new features, capabilities, and speed. Taking full advantage of the new fiber up-links, we added new outdoor access points capable of utilizing many more channels and higher speeds in order to avoid congestion during peak seasons and high usage times. Guests are now able to purchase daily or weekly vouchers directly from their phones, tablets, or laptops as they soak in the sun instead of having to purchase a voucher inside from the Sundry store. Guests still have the option to purchase a voucher from the Sundry store if they wish and enter the code on the splash page.

The Hot Spot/Captive Portal covers:

  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Bar
  • Game Room
  • Theatre
  • Sundry shop
  • Gym
  • Volleyball court
  • Tennis court


Internet Kiosk

Guest can now enjoy a new, modern, faster, and much improved Internet Kiosk. We have changed the location to a much more visiblearea in order to attract guests and make this feature available to them should they need access to a computer. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Windsor Palms Resort in making all of these wonderful upgrades a reality and look forward to many years of bringing cutting edge technology to Windsor Palms Resort. 

Project Video

Windsor Palms Technology Upgrades