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With Insteon Home Automation Systems, you will have the ease of controlling your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  Insteon provides benefits that many other home automation systems simply can't do.

  • Dual Band Technology - Insteon devices repeat messages over both wireless and power lines, dramatically increasing range and reliability. Insteon simultaneously uses wireless radio and your home's existing power line wires to provide reliability and eliminate common household interference

  • Retrofit - Insteon simply replaces your existing switches and outlets, avoiding the need for re-wiring your home or implementing large overly-complicated systems.

  • Control multiple homes all in one app

  • Integrates with Nest

  • Greater scalability and variability of products

    • Climate control

    • On/Off and Dimming Wall Switches

    • Low Voltage Custom Devices

    • Motion Sensors

    • Water Leak Sensors

    • Drapery Control

    • Smoke & CO Detection

    • Wi-Fi Cameras

    • Garage Control

    • and many more

  • Create Rooms, Scenes, Schedules, and control via

    • Amazon Echo

    • Apple HomeKit (Siri)

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Windows Phone App

    • Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 Desktop App

  • Unlimited Network Size

Voice Control Using Amazon Alexa